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Ask me anything   Submit   Who doesn't love a naughty little schoolgirl? A sweet and innocent thing being taught just how much she loves cock? And she can always trust teacher to do what's best for her, right?

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>listening to JMKeep’s podcast



jumwa: “I haven’t seen you take any money out, you don’t have any pockets because you’re NAKED! Don’t lie.”

anjasa: “That, that is UN. FAIR. I’m a woman, I have hidey holes.”

Ladies, dig deep into your hidey holes and support the cause against Sun Cancer!

We only have one sun, let’s save it from cancer. 

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For those of you not aware, Michelle and I do a podcast! 

We were on a bit of a hiatus but here we are, back again! If you listened to us before but we weren’t your cup of tea, I suggest you give us another shot! We’ve changed format the past two casts, and stopped being so serious about it. 

Been getting some good reviews for the humour, but you be the judge of that!

If you want to download the podcast to listen on the go, you can do so here. Or it may be on the iTunes store by now, not sure!

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Mai Tsukamoto,塚本舞


Mai Tsukamoto,塚本舞

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